Why Love Is The Meaning of Life ~ For Only Love is Real

The meaning of life is its meaning: 'LOVE'. There is no greater purpose in life than to realize you are a manifestation of life's true meaning. This meaning is Love. For YOU are the embodiment of Love. I am going to repeat that one more time so listen clearly. You are Love. I repeat. You are Love. For you are the walking embodiment of God consciousness. For Love is the true God consciousness. They are in reality One and the same. This One is love. So it is love what you are. It is love what we all are. Realize therefore how magnificent you are for you are the embodiment of the spiritual energy and the dynamic power of this cosmic energy that creates and sustains all matters of our universe. May you realize that this love already blesses you and all children of all colors (white, black, indigo, Et al) as they transition into this golden age of Aquarius. For when the moon is in the seventh house and when Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars. So then let us join the caravan to the promised land of love by realizing we are love. For it is love what all is. For it is love who we truly are. This cosmic ship called love is moving towards ascension. For all the stars are aligned. And all are included. For all are stars. And all are loved. For love is all. And all is love. Now you be the cosmic messenger that carries the message of love from the cosmos. For anything that is not love is unreal. And as nothing unreal exists, so can nothing that is real be be threatened. For love is source. For love is truth. For only love is real.
~ Love from Cosmos