One Earth: In Love with All Life

Accepting one another is so easy. All of us suffer in life as all the world's a stage as Shakespeare so eloquently stated. The seven stages of life are pretty much the same for everyone. When we recognize this truth, we see we are all in reality having a very similar experience. It naturally results in us wanting to heal each other. As healing happens together. Earth, by its very nature, wants to heal. Healing is natural. Earth wants to heal us too. As we are its child. And we are all children of the same nature. Our purpose in life is therefore to help in this natural healing process. Choosing to uplift each other whenever we can and wherever we go always instinctively feels right. It is in our purpose to love earth, to love one another. To be accepting and respectful is part of our very own nature. The pure altruistic intention of this one loving earth, our true inherent nature... it is ultimately loving. Loving one another. As all co-exists as One. One in love with all; the true natural harmonious state of being. One's Love, it upholds all Life on Earth.
~ Wald Wassermann