Positively Love and All Good Things

The probability amplitude of life is positively charged to bend towards justice (see Dr. King) which is why life continuously improves as perceived from the greater global or universal perspective (aka the overview effect). If it were not to be, nothing would be, we would not be here. Go beyond the individual level and you will notice we are collectively doing better compared to not so long ago. As it (always) happens, global living conditions keep improving, the world keeps getting better. We must therefore be brave and accept our positive reality. We are therefore choosing to believe in our dreams as we are actively engaged in the earth's very own natural improvement! Let us continue to seek out and attract the positive probabilities in our own lives. To see challenges as solutions to make the world a better place for all forms of life. Let us continue to surround ourselves with positivity as optimism comes natural to our loving world.  All of us come pre-charged with unlimited positive energy and action potential to better ourselves so that we can uplift others. All of us are motivated to love one another by choosing to stay in the loving present, this beautiful moment that always is in the now, the lovely current that creates and energizes all life; understanding, compassion, forgiveness, healing, joy, happiness, harmony, peace: these are all part of our natural state of being. The common denominator of humankind? We are therefore it always is...  it is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann