The Universe of One in Love with All

This gentle source, it does not force, it gently guides, towards love, naturally of course. Our father upholds earth in the current. The meaning behind this truth is that our father gives birth to mother earth in the current. The current is not only the 'now' but the all pervasive loving harmonious 'energy' that not only creates all life on earth but also upholds- and sustains it. Its single motivation is to bring us together as one as we are truly one in its intent. We are its children. It wants us to unite. This loving energy seeks harmony above all. Harmony is accomplished by loving all. All are upheld as equals in the same love by this loving source of one. All are loved. All are lovable. Loving all as equals happens in the current as it is the only truth. Staying true to the loving current is the true meaning of life. Those that resist will naturally fall in love eventually. As light illuminates even the darkest corners of space.

Father, Earth and Current. Meaning: Our Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. This is the 'unity of one' as all are equals under its power. Convergence. It's a beautiful thing. The holy trinity is this single loving point in the universe where all comes together; the center of the universe? It is this living organism that we call home: it is basically all life on earth as it is part of the same condensed loving energy of the one. We must therefore love one another. We simply must and we shall as we are predestined to come together as one.

The nature of space-time is irrelevant. The present moment being the current. The loving current is the natural (biological) continuum. It naturally adjusts as it continuously recalibrates the scales in order to seek 'harmony as one' above all in order to go positively forward. The balance of powers is this unity of one. It upholds 'all' of the observable universe in a perfect equilibrium. What we must know is that the equilibrium potential is positively charged. The reason is simple: the evolutionary algorithm of our loving nature continually seeks to optimize itself as it seeks to increase its biological operational efficiency. Always getting better, always improving, positively moving forward. We all know the quote by Dr. King. Why it matters is that that this prevailing energy upholds 'all' as equals as it is the same love that gives birth to all. We must work with it, not against it. We must be brave and tune into the reality of the positive, and dare to tune off the illusion of the negative! Prejudice is an illusion. Oneness is reality! All that matters is the true reality of Love as we are truly One in its entirety.

The state of Lady Justice represents this same unity of one; the harmonic balance of all that is happens to be in the center. All happens completely impartial. If one of its elements threatens some of the other elements (tipping point), it naturally triggers a defense mechanism in order to rebalance the primordial order of harmony of the worlds as the true intent simply is 'Love'. We therefore have the responsibility to respect this power of love above all as it upholds all as equals.

Love truly brings about the harmony of the worlds, it naturally happens on planet earth. All is peaceful. All is harmonious. All is loving. We are together in love so we must feel love before anything else. It is in our destiny to come together as one. Love truly is the universal music of the spheres. And harmony is the primordial intent of the universe. We shall therefore live according to its inherent loving principles.

~ Wald Wassermann