Love is the Future of Humanity

Humankind has a natural aversion to war as it is not in his nature. What then is his true nature? It is its origin; source. What then is this source? That what always unites us. So then what really unites all of us? Our common home. What is home for all of us? 'Love'. Why Love? We are born out of it, we live life through it, we return to it. All that we experience is a manifestation of Love. It is love and only love that is the life-giving energy of the universe. Literally everything (r)evolves in Love. Humankind is consciously becoming aware of its true identity. All of us are naturally aligning ourselves with our source in order to enter the promised land. This promised land is not a place but the awareness of source.  It is true that this consciousness happens at different stages, to each his own. But the alignment is happening. Each moment presents us with a source choice-test. We can consciously make positive choices as we already understand that we are all children from the same loving source. The choice to understand one another, to see the suffering of others, to have compassion for them, to have tolerance and to forgive, to love all without condition. It is only so that we can heal each other and ourselves. We are indeed meant to love one another because Love is who we are. This alignment, this grand cosmic convergence, it is part of the evolutionary process. It is unstoppable as Love is our common destiny. The destiny for all forms of life. As love is source. For those of you who are awakening to Love; remain vigilant yet benevolent whenever possible true to your loving nature.
~ Wald Wassermann