Meaning of φιλαυτία (philautia) in Ancient Greek-English Dictionary

Want to translate "φιλαυτία" (philautia) from Ancient Greek to English? Don't use Google translate!  φιλαυτία (the noble form of Self-Love in Ancient Greek) meaning a type of Love that is naturally within One's Self aka self-love, self-loving, self-turning (sounding strikingly familiar with 'the self-pouring one'), from φιλέω (philéō, “love”), and αὐτός (autós, “self”) bearing one again a striking resemblance to the later Latin word Universe (Uni-Verse), from Uni (“One”), and Verse (“a turning"), — The One that turns into itself, the Self turning One, the Self-becoming One, the Self Metamorphosing One. Recap: To thine own Self be true; Self-Love is One's True Self; Love Self, Love All, All One. Dedicated to Ὅμηρος and this One singular (self-loving) collective Odyssey that is Spaceship Earth. Not dedicated to Julius Caesar who changed the meaning of φιλαυτία to Selfishness after ransacking Ancient Greece (see below): Cic.Att.13.13.1, Plu.2.48f; in bad sense, selfishness, UPZ42.10 (ii B. C.), Ph.1.173, al., Porph.Abst.3.2, Jul.Caes.316d, Mis. 349b.

~ Wald