Meaning of φιλαυτία (philautia) in Ancient Greek-English Dictionary

Want to translate "φιλαυτία" (philautia) from Ancient Greek to English? Don't use Google translate!  φιλαυτία (the noble form of Self-Love in Ancient Greek) meaning a type of Love that is naturally within One's Self aka Oneself, Self-Turning (sounding strikingly familiar with 'the self-pouring one'), from φιλέω (philéō, “love”), and αὐτός (autós, “self”) bearing one again a striking resemblance to the later Latin word Universe (Uni-Verse), from Uni (“One”), and Verse (“a turning"), — The One that turns into itself, the Self turning One, the Self-becoming One, the Self Metamorphosing One. Recap: To thine own Self be true; Love is One's True Self; Love Self, Love All, All One: Oneself Itself Is Love. Dedicated to Ὅμηρος and this One singular (loving) collective Odyssey that is Spaceship Earth. Not dedicated to Julius Caesar who changed the meaning of φιλαυτία to Selfishness after ransacking Ancient Greece (see below): Cic.Att.13.13.1, Plu.2.48f; in bad sense, selfishness, UPZ42.10 (ii B. C.), Ph.1.173, al., Porph.Abst.3.2, Jul.Caes.316d, Mis. 349b.

~ Wald