On the Origin of the Word God and the Importance of Self-Love.

Origin and meaning of God: to pour oneself into beingness; derived from a root *ǵʰeu̯- "to pour, libate" (the word survives in the Dutch word, 'Giet', literally meaning, to Pour); God pours itself into existence; this existence being God itself. In other words; the Self-Loving One birthing itself. Why Self-Love? Existence must Love itself for it itself to be able to exist; no? There is no existence without Self-Love.  And since God 'is' Existence, the true heart of God is thus Self-Love. It is from this self-loving essence that all blooms. The definition of God is actually quite similar to the Ancient Greek word φιλαυτία (philautía, "self-love, self-loving, self-turning), from φιλέω (philéō, “love”), and αὐτός (autós, “self”) bearing, once again, a striking resemblance to the later word Universe (Uni-Verse), from Uni (“One”), and Verse (“a turning"), — The One that turns into itself, the Self turning One, the Self becoming One, the Self Birthing One; the "One that pours itself into existence".  It is quite simple really; Self-Love is One's Self that exists in this greater Self-Loving Self that is God.; Hence the importance of Self-Love for it is God's natural state of being in which all has its being. Does a flower question itself? Of course not.  It is perfectly content in its state of beingness. It loves itself unconditionally. Do we tell the Narcissus it is Narcissistic, egotistical or vain? Wouldn't that be utter nonsense?  Self-acceptance and Self-Love 'is' One's natural state. Self-Love is the state of beingness. Not loving Self is not only unnatural; it is impossible (see the true meaning of the Holy Trinity). Love thus yourself wholeheartedly for you, your true Self, are Self-Love itself. Remember that Self-Love is not Selfish; it is God's essence and the best medicine. God wants you to be happy. God wants you to Love yourself. The advice is simple: Love Self, Love All, All One.
~ Wald Wassermann