Cosmic Totality is Ultimate Reality

We cannot stay silent when our hearts overflow with Love. As love is the ultimate nature of reality. It is the disembodied mental cosmic consciousness, or, the operating system of our universe. As wherever we go, there we are. Let us therefore accept that the whole is more important than the individual components. That what I call Love is 'Cosmic Totality'. This ultimate reality is a fundamental scientific fact as it underwrites and sustains the universe as a whole complete with all that is and all that is not (which will appease all branches IBNLT to theism, physicalism, dualism, Et al). As all that springs from the great whole is always a derivative that is based on this primordial source. Our knowledge and classifications are therefore completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things as they fail to grasp cosmic totality. We can only see part of it as we are only a spark of the source. Not its totality. Neither should we as intended by design. The cosmos is infinite in extent and infinitesimal in its fundamental structure. In conclusion: nothing matters as much as Love as its intent materializes and illuminates all matter. Love is Ultimate Reality as Love is Source.
~ Wald Wassermann