God is the self-loving oneness we call existence.

God is One; this One Loves itself. It is this what is (the definition of) Existence. What it means is that the "Self-Loving One" is existence (itself). Reverse engineering leads to the realization that all collectively 'is' (part of/within) this One Self that Loves itself. The "Self-Loving One" is God. God is the Self-Loving Oneness we call existence. Self-Love is the mechanism that allows Self-Creation. Without it; there would be no existence, there would be no universe, there would be no earth, there would be no life. So yes, grateful we must be for this One allows all to spring forth in it. God not only exists; God 'is' existence. Existence is Self-Love; Self-Love is existence.
Love Self, Love All, All One.
~ Wald