Love is Your True Self

Who Am I? Love is (y)our True Self. Stay away from negativity because Love is Ultimate Reality. Only Love is ultimately real because it is all 'That' what you are. This matter of what you are (every part of your being complete in its allness) is indeed this divine energy we call Love. I am not just talking about the matter of your body, your physical self, but also your mind with its consciousness and your spirit soul...all of it is part of Love as 'Love is Source'. It is thus what all of us are. As all of it 'is'. Anything that is not Love is therefore merely an illusion that will pass like smoke before a mirror in due course through rebirth/reincarnation until cosmic convergence/synchronicity is achieved. It is love and only love that is your ultimate reality for you are love. May you find peace and comfort in this godly truth. May you find clarity in the realization that somewhere - hidden within your completeness - is the awareness of your true blissful self that already 'is' and always will be Love as it is the eternal energy that underwrites all matters of our universe. We are indeed the Cosmos experiencing itself as Love as Love is its true intention. This intention that gives birth to reality. The reality of ultimate truth. Love is the holy trinity that is Source/Purpose/Destiny condensed into a single point in space-time: the true continuum. Love is where we all find ourselves as it is the joy of the infinite. It is The Absolute. Love always 'is'. It is you!
~ Wald Wassermann, Love is Truth