The Frequency of Love | You Are The Miracle Tone

Everything is Love. Love is us. We are the embodiment of the universal power of Love. We are not just the universe or stardust, or the stuff stars are made off. We are so much more. We are 'it' ad infinitum; sparks of the creationary source of the primordial universal force of Love; the ungraspable wonder that defies description. Displayed in the reality of our beautiful world and all of nature's kind. We are Love's cosmic wonder, the waves that illuminate and warm the furthest reaches of the galaxy. We are pure Love made manifest. The grandest achievement in this universal symphony of Love. Make no mistake about it. We are 'it.' We are Love. The one that is spelled with a capital L. Love is us alright. So here's looking at us for what we really are. For we are the frequency of Love experiencing itself. So much more than stardust... so much more!
~ Wald Wassermann