Dreams Come True: Here We Are; Life!

Why can't the observer see himself in his dreams? Perhaps the observer never sees himself but realizes his self through his experiences. But that would be an error because of the epicine nature of the observer. In other words, 'That' what is observing, the genderless state, never sees itself but realizes itself through its experiences thus creating reality. We are That. That what is Love made manifest. We are that reality. This beautiful reality of Love-materialized — We are Love experiencing itself. This puts 'are you experienced?' in a different light. It seems to me that we are on our way Love for we are. We are on our way. We are experiencing ourselves home. This home is Love for it is what we are; Love. Let's continue to aim for beauty and all that is good and godliness. For it is what we are Love, it is what we are.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos