The Gift of Consciousness is the Realization of Love Itself

We are Love that is becoming conscious of itself. The reality of Life is that all is Love manifesting itself. Everything is a manifestation of the same Love. The result is the 'most real'; our reality of which the epitome is all that is on display in this beautiful world of ours. Love is the only reality; it is just that everything and everyone is Love without necessary realizing it; hence creating conflict. Discord is thus a result of a non-completion of self-realization. And with the self I mean this one self-sustaining whole that is Love itself. The gift of consciousness is us realizing we are the materialized form of Love. After all, is not consciousness the mark of self-realization? Consciousness is none other than Love becoming aware of itself as it is one. This is who we are Love; this is who we are; we are Love. We, as well as all of nature's kind, are Love experiencing Life. Convergence is a beautiful thing when Love's the thing we call Life.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos