What is the Science of Love? The Nature of Our True Self

What comes to me now is a very short sentence—in fact, not a sentence but a word: LOVE.

I believe that what humans really want is to receive and to give Love. I believe that Love is what connects us to each other and that such a connection is brought about by being intimate with each other, by sharing ourselves with others. I believe that the nature of our true self is Love. I believe this theme—Love, the need to reconnect with our true selves—addresses the underlying outcome of our studies. Yet very often we’re afraid to open ourselves to this connection so we put up barriers and wear masks. If we are able to remove the barriers, to let down our defenses, we can begin to know and accept ourselves, thus allowing ourselves to receive and to give Love.

Love: The Nature of Our True Self.

For We Are Love ~ Mary Cosimano, M.S.W., John Hopkins University ~ Love from Cosmos