Existence is One, Existence is Love, Existence is Self-Love

Existence is One, Existence is Love, 'Existence is Self-Love'. LOVE—the desire to create in order to love and to be loved, to hold and to be held, to nurture and to be nurtured—is the primordial cosmic state of awareness that led and still leads to the desire of the creation of our universe which is fully Love in and by itself. I, therefore, call 'Love' the most high; the creator, God, source; for it is all the same. All is a creation of Love or to be more precise; All is Love without fully realizing it. The self-existent (cosmic) totality that we call 'our universe' is one plenum of Love for it is the manifestation of the highest desire of creationary power. Love is therefore not only at the center of (our) existence but is existence itself in its totality. Without Love, there would be no-thing: no universe, no world, no life. Thus, the universe is Love manifest with all forms of life (humanity and all of nature's kin) being Love's highest self-expression. We are therefore not a way for the universe to know itself but a way for Love to realize itself through the manifestation of itself as the universe, earth, and life. In other words, Love is One but it experiences itself in myriad ways. Its singular collective experience is one of ecstatic joy which causes it to expand. We are Love experiencing ourselves through life (the highest form of self-expression) but have not become fully conscious yet to this fact. We should not see ourselves as separate individuals looking for the meaning of life, but as Love wanting to experience Life in order to collectively uplift us forward as one for we are; always improving, ever-better, towards infinite bliss. On the individual level; see yourself as Love for you are, see all as Love for all of it is.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos