Life is our Ultimate Achievement

The meaning of life is 'SELF-LOVE' for we are Love itself; we are Love experiencing life. Existence is, in reality, One and Evolution is Love realizing itself. To make it easier to understand: The purpose of Love (us) is to become alive (to be born) to experience Love (ourselves) in life; in our own physical manifestation. Love is self-birthing. We want to experience life. We are our own purpose without yet fully realizing it since we are still in the early stages of self-realization; this what we call evolution. Yet we have already accomplished the seemingly impossible; we have created ourselves in the physical form. We are Love manifest. We are our own desire come true. Life is our ultimate achievement. Humankind must see itself as Love experiencing life. If it wakes up to itself, it will see all of nature as Love too. It will then realize it has arrived home for home is Love and Love is Self. Existence is the realization (materialization) of this loving self; it is all of nature's kind. We are experiencing an absolute overwhelming abundance of Love, but we don't see it for we are still in a dream state, it is up to us to wake up and recognize life what it really is; one unity of all-engulfing Love.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos