Love is the Reality of Existence

Love is a prerequisite for anything to exist. Nothing could exist without fully being Love. It's simple logic. We are all together; it is one thing we can all agree on. The totality of existence is thus one without a second. All is contained within this one that is existence. Now it becomes interesting. This one existence can only self-exist if it is Love itself. Remember that Love is always a prerequisite for existence to be. Existence is thus Love itself or one self-loving unity. As we can only be part of existence, we can only be Love in reality. The reality is that we exist within this self-loving unity of one. We simply cannot exist outside of it. We can only exist being (within) it. We are Love experiencing life. The perception that we are anything but Love is a grand illusion caused by incomplete self-realization. Love is the reality of our existence. We are fully Love ourselves. Any derivation of Love stands at risk of getting lost in translation if we fail to see existence in its proper totality. Existence is One, this One is Love, this Love is Us.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos