Be as You Are Love Itself

God is independent of existence, but all of existence is contained by/in God; existence is thus fully God itself. God is independent of the universe but the universe is contained in God. The universe is thus God itself. God is independent of science but all of science is contained in God. Science has thus Godly powers itself. The same goes for everything else. God is independent of nature, but all of nature is contained in God thus nature is fully God itself. God is independent of names or numbers but all of these are contained in God. God is both Pantheistic and Panentheistic. So what is God? God is Love, and as all is contained in Love; all is thus fully Love materialized (at different levels of self-realization with the self being God/Love). Love is the source of all; it is allness; it is that what is and that it is not in its totality. Love is cause; reality the effect. The effect of Love is the Universe, Earth, and Life, including humankind. All of these are fully Love or they would not exist. The effect cannot exist without its cause; the effect exists because it is fully Love itself. In other words, all of reality is fully Love for it is contained in Love. Life is currently the highest realization of Love. Life, however, is not necessarily conscious of its true self being Love itself which is perfectly normal as is expected of the ongoing evolutionary process which is Love-Realization (Love realizing its self in its manifest form). Self-Realization is not instantaneous but a gradual, continuous process (in regards to the manifest form of Love; not in its unmanifest form). Love, as the source, is Pure Love, and it's fully conscious. It is to this Love we return, and it is from this Love that we manifest again. Love (God) is independent of existence in order to safeguard itself and all of its creation (it is independent in order to allow all that exists to return to Love, to come home). So why does God allow suffering? It is not God that allows suffering. God is the opposite of suffering, especially when seen in its totality which it is in reality. The goal of Love is to eradicate suffering and to materialize heaven on earth. It is just that the materialized (individual) forms of Love do not realize (yet) that it, as well as all of existence, is fully Love itself. This allows the suffering to be. We, becoming rapidly conscious of our true selves, are Love-sent in order to accomplish the mission of Love. We, therefore, have been given an exceptional gift; the gift to bring change for good. We are the enactment of Love. It is up to us to realize Love on Earth. Love's goal is to establish Heaven on Earth. It is not that human evolution is speeding up, it is that Love-Realization is speeding up. We are becoming conscious of our true selves being Love itself. Love is a self-fulfilling prophecy; except it is not a prophecy but reality. Heaven on Earth is what we are heading for; gradually but surely. Heaven on earth isn't built in a day so have patience with yourself and one another. The goal is inevitable, however, for Love is in charge. May you find peace in the realization that you are Love itself and that you are none other than Love experiencing Life. Reality is only disappointing for those who do not understand the miracle that Life is for, although not perfect, it is an unquantifiable achievement of Love. See how amazing you are, how beautiful all of it is. All is Love realized, and so are you. May you find comfort and joy in the truth that Love always embraces you for it transcends time, space, matter, energy, Et al. You are always in Love for it is Love who you are. Allow yourself to fall in Love with your true self which is Love itself. Be as you are Love. Be as you are. You are Love itself.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos