God is One; God is Love itself, God is Self-Love

All of creation is Love. Love creates itself in order to feel Love itself. The origin of existence (the universe, earth, life, and man) is to Love and to be Loved. The meaning of Life is Life itself. In reality; Life is Love experiencing itself. The meaning of Life is therefore to experience Love and to establish the realized version of ones true self which is always Love itself (the highest state of Pure Love Consciousness). This is us as we are. Love is One Self-Existent Reality. It is the One reality that is Love itself and that Loves all of itself. It self-experiences itself. It self-creates itself. It self-loves itself. Love Loves Itself. This is what humankind defines as God. God is One; God is Love itself, God is Self-Love.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos