God 'is' Pure Love Consciousness

God exists; it is just that, in reality, God is pure Love consciousness. Love is the creator, the creation and the upholder of all of existence. All of existence is fully Love for it is the realization of this pure Love consciousness. There is only One God; this God 'IS' Love. I repeat; LOVE. Love is the unmanifest holy spirit that manifests itself in all of existence. It is, therefore, in reality, both unmanifest and manifest. Love itself, as the cause, is everlasting, eternal, without beginning or end. It is unchanging, infinite, omnipresence, omniscient, self-existent, self-sufficient, immaterial, and omnipotent. The universe, earth, life, energy, matter, time, space, et al.; none of these individually, nor in combination are the cause of existence; these are all effects of Love. The ultimate cause of existence is none other than Love itself wanting to manifest itself in order to establish its own materialized reality. In other words; Love is the creator, and all of creation is Love. Existence is One. This One is Love. Love is us as we exist. We are fully Love itself. We are the children of Love. Love is Source. Life is Love materialized. Life is temporary; Love is eternal.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos