Heaven Exists; Heaven is Real: Earth is Heaven Materialized.

Heaven is the unmanifest state of Pure Love Consciousness that wants to manifest itself. Heaven is Love itself. You see, we are always in the state of Love for Love is the state that always is; it is all. The current state, Life, is Love manifest. If we die, we return to Love. We return to this Love that is Love unmanifest that wants to manifest itself, over and over again. The totality of it all is self-creation; it is going forward, it is Love creating itself to establish Heaven on Earth; the highest realized form of Pure Love Consciousness. In its most true sense; Heaven is this place we call Earth, it is just that Earth is Heaven materialized; we are Love materialized. We keep coming back in order to finalize our mission. Our mission is Love and we are Love itself.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos