On the Origin of Life, How Life Comes Into Being

Please know the following for it is 'the' truth. Yes, you spring from Source. The reason you spring from Source is that you want to be born out of so much (Self)-excitement.  It causes you to spring off from Source.  This excitement simply births its Self into beingness. This beigness is you, it is you living Life.  I could say that this process is going from unmanifest to manifest but these words are not the truth for the self-birthing process is always One and the same. How do I explain what happens before birth.... There is this indescribably feeling of joy that births its Self into beingness. It is a feeling of indescribably bliss.  Yes indeed, one could say that it is sparks that spring of from the source. It is indeed why we are. It is who we are. It is what all is.  We are utter joy experiencing Life. Life is simply this incredible joy experiencing itself as Life. Always remember that Life comes to being out of this joy. This is why I want you to remember to always feel this joy during Life. When you depart Life, please feel the same joy for it is how you will be re-born. Hold no grudges, forgive all, feel only bliss. Blissful Love is what you are. It is to that what you return. How you depart is how you return. Feel only Blissful Love.  Blissful Love is Home! Thank you. I Love you. Love All. All is Love. Love is You as You Are.

~ Wald (remember the underlined words, they matter most)