Life is Love Realized

We are here to help God realize himself. In reality, however, he who we call God is Pure Love Consciousness. See God, therefore, as Pure Love for it is what the definition of God in reality is. Existence is Pure Love materialized in a brief form which none the less is fully Love itself. We are here to help realize Love's dream, which is also our dream as we are fully Love ourselves. The goal of Love is Heaven on Earth. Heaven on Earth is the realization of Pure Love Consciousness. This is what we, Love, are working towards. We are all working towards the same goal for we are One in reality. This One that is Love. See all, therefore, as Love for all in existence is, or it would not exist. Life is Love realized; we only need to understand this ourselves so we can come together as One for we always are.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos