Love is Cause; Existence the Effect.

Love is the cause; existence is the effect. The effect that is existence cannot be outside its cause, which is Love. And the effect that is existence cannot exist without being fully Love for it is contained in its cause with is Love. In other words. Love is a prerequisite for existence. And all of existence is fully Love, or it would not exist. Existence, being fully Love itself, thus becomes the cause for something else that is Love as well. All of it always remains Love at it is upheld by the underwriting first cause. Love thus naturally self-expands, which is reflected in the expansion of the universe as it is part of Love. In conclusion. We must see ourselves as Love for we are as we exist. We exist so we are Love regardless of how we define ourselves. If it makes you more comfortable; you can replace the word Love with God at any time for God is Love. We could thus say that 'God is Cause; Existence the Effect'. In reality; 'God is Love is One and the Same'.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos