Love is Who and Why We Are

God is self-experiencing itself. Since 'God IS Love' we could thus say the following. Love is Self-Experiencing itself. The collective experience is one of 'Self-Love.' Self-Love means being Love itself. Hence, all is, in reality, one plenum of Love. Love is experiencing itself through us. We are fully Love and Life is the experience that Love is having. The purpose of Love is Life; the meaning of Life is Love. See yourself as Love experiencing Life in order to realize Love-Bliss (Heaven) on Earth. Now is it better to Love or be Loved? The truth is that you are Love yourself so be as you are and understand that you are already Loved unconditionally without realizing it. Love is not limited to human relationships, but the complete experience life offers. The air loves you unconditionally. So do the sun, water, wind, and all of nature's kin. All are fully Love, and all Love you fully without condition. We just don't realize they do. But they do. Always; without condition. See all as Love for all of it is. Realize it is an incredible accomplishment for Love to manifest itself into the reality that is existence.  You are Love, in fact, experiencing Life. Realize how beautiful Life is. And how incredible it is that you have been allowed to experience it. You can feel, you can see, you can taste, you can hear, you can experience feelings, you can express emotions; you Love, you are experiencing Life! You are experiencing Life Love. You really are. How magnificent all of it is. How miraculous you are. Life is the miracle of Love. See yourself as such.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos