Love-Realization is Bliss.

Love-Realization is Bliss. It means realizing that you, your self are Love itself. It happens when you realize that you are Love having this experience called Life. Both Love and Life are authentic (real), but Love precedes Life for it allows existence to be. When you realize you are first and foremost Love; you discover your true self, which is always Love in reality. Discovering your true self is a state of Pure Love Consciousness or Love-Bliss. It happens when you understand the cause and sustainer of Life is Love and that this Love is the One self-experiencing reality of existence that transcends existence itself. You see yourself, and all as Love experiencing Life for all is Love on a journey. Or, in other words, it is you Love that recognizes everyone as Love behind the veil of superficial separateness. Self-Realization is understanding the Self is Love. It is Love realizing itself for the purpose of Love itself: to self-experience itself through Life (in order to materialize Pure Love Consciousness; a process that is ongoing). I, therefore, call it Love-Realization. The opposite of Love-Realization is the opposite of bliss; it is ignorance. Ignorance is not bliss but a misnomer; being ignorant of the reality of existence is the reason for most of the confusion in this world that leads to its suffering. Love is the Truth of Reality. Let us realize we are Love for Reality is truly Bliss. Life is transitory; Love is eternal. You are Love experiencing Life.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos