See One Another as Love on a Journey

It is true that we are souls on a journey. But what is a soul? The soul is Pure Love Consciousness that originates from the One-source of all abundant Love that creates and upholds all. The truth is that we are Love on a journey. The journey is self-creation for we are Love itself. There is only one Love from which all that is manifest springs forth. This Love is all of us together as One for we are; One Self-Existent Unity of Love. See; therefore, all as Love for all in reality is. See everyone as Love for everyone is. Everyone is Love on a journey. Not a person first, but Love first. Love expressed as a person; each person in various states of self-realization. In conclusion: See yourself and each other as Love for you are. The Journey of Love is One. See all as Love. All is or it would not be.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos