Self, God and Love are One: This One is Self-Love

Existence is Self Love. The Self is Love. We are Love experiencing Love. In reality: Self, God and Love are One; it is who we are. We are this One, this self-existing reality, that is Love itself. The Self is Silent... this is what some say. And yes; it appears to be that the self (God) is silent but that would be a half-truth for the self (God) is all including us. The self (God) is, therefore, both silent and vocal, or, active and inactive for it is both unmanifest and manifest. Love, it is up to us to create heaven on earth for we are Love. We are self-realized with the self being Love for God IS Love. Existence is Love materialized. It includes us for we are fully Love. We exist; we are Love. We are Love ourselves. We self-exist. Love is our reality and the reality is that we are Love.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos