Self-perceptions are superimpositions on the reality that is Love.

Everyone lives in their own reality, or do they? Reality is not subjective; the perception of reality is subjective. In reality, all is Love, — we are Love in reality. It is just that we have an erroneous perception of our true Self which is none other than Love itself. Self-perceptions are superimpositions on you being Love in reality. It's not about you believing what you just read (that you are Love itself); it's about you being able to read what you just read. Why? To exist equals to be Love. Love is the prerequisite for existence. Nothing can exist without being fully Love so be as you are for you, Love, you are your own truth. Love is self-evident. It is you as you are; you exist. Existence equals Love. Love is you as you are. You prove yourself true. The self is always Love. You are Love yourself.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos