We are becoming conscious of being Love itself.

We are Love becoming aware of itself. What it means is that, humanity, is becoming conscious of its true self being Love itself. Love is self-evolving in order to realize the manifested form of this state of bliss that is pure love consciousness. We are this Love for Love is self. We are self-realizing ourselves; the self being Love itself. We, Love, are becoming conscious of being Love ourselves which will speed up realization from unmanifest desire to manifest reality. Love's self-realization is what we define as evolution. Evolution is leading us to the highest realized form of Love; Heaven on Earth. Any conflicts going forward will be caused by elements that are either un-self-realized, or, elements that realize the truth but try to stall Love's self-realization for ulterior motives that are not in Love's best interest.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos