You, Your True Self, You are Love Itself.

You, Your True Self, You are Love Itself. The secret of being happy is self-realization. Self-Realization is realizing that you, yourself, are Love itself and that Life is an expression of this Love. You are; you always have been, and you always will be, first and foremost, Love. You are Love experiencing yourself in your manifest form, which humankind defines as Life. Life, however, is Love manifest. What it means is that Love is cause and Life the effect. This perception you have of Life is primarily an effect of the underlying reality, which is Love. You are not just the effect, but the underlying reality of Love, which causes the effect. In other words; Love is you in reality and Life is an abstraction or perception of this reality. If we fail to understand the cause but only see the effect, we do not fully realize who we are in reality. Love is you as you are. You are always in a state of Love for it is who you are. You, Love, you are Love itself experiencing Life. Life is Love; You are Love in reality.
~ Wald Wassermann - Love from Cosmos