Phaistos Disc Flower Meaning - It is Self Love; Self! Existence is One.

The Phaistos Disk (also spelled as the Phaistos Disk or Δίσκος της Φαιστού) is a spiral stamped disk of fired clay from the Minoan palace of Phaistos on the Greek island of Crete on view at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. The symbolism of the Phaistos Flower has been shrouded in mystery. So let's just reveal it shall we for its secret stands to unite us all.  Self Love makes the flower spiral outward; does it not? So then, lest all know One's essential state of being and adhere to its principle for it underwrites its Self: Existence is One; this Self-Loving Oneness in which all exists. Love Self; Love All; All One! And in regards to the meaning of the Phaistos Disc with the beautiful Flower in its center; yes, it means the heart of the Lotus Flower indeed. The Minoan Civilization had trade routes with India (see Proto-Indo-European connection) thus resulting in the beautiful design of the Phaistos Disc.  See Lakshmi Pompeii statuette for a similar but later trade-route connection. The Phaistos Flower simply represents the Indian Lotus flower which in return symbolizes the heart of creation which is the blissfulness of One's Self which Loves itself, — it the Oneness of existence that gives birth to itself; it is known by many names but it is ultimately One and the same Love. Turn the Phaistos Disc around and what is the symbol we find at its very center? I could tell you but I will let you figure it out.  Perhaps we as humanity must find our hearts once again in our Origin (which translates to God by the way). Simply see all Life as Love for all is Love in reality. All Life is beautiful. See your Self as Love; see everyone as Love; it is all really.  I love this world. I love you all so very very much! Thank you for being as 'You Are'.  Remember the Flower of Life is Self Love. Together we go forward as One for We Are.

Το Λουλούδι της Ζωής είναι φιλαυτία!
~ Wald Wassermann