All is Love at Different Stages of Self-Realization.

All is Love at different stages of self-realization with the only true self being Love itself. Not seeing one's self as Love is at best self-ignorance and at worst self-denial. The avoidance, denial or unknowing of one's true self has been - and continues to be the leading cause of all anguish in this world. Turmoil is the result of Love refusing to face it is Love itself. The truth is that Life is beyond beautiful for it is Love's dream come true. Life simply is Love materialized. In reality, Life is the most real for it is Love that has realized itself going from unmanifest to manifest; the most incredible achievement. For now, Love is finally able to experience itself, to feel, to express and mostly... to Love. Life is truly none other than Love experiencing itself. This is who you are Love, this is who you all are, it is what all is in reality. Love made real. The illusory state of reality not being real is a result of man and society being unknowing- or being ignorant of self. A flight of reality may appear to serve a purpose up to a certain point, but it eventually becomes an issue for both man and the society in which he lives. If everyone were to realize they were pure Love itself experiencing Life, which all Life is in reality, it would lead to self-harmonization with a decrease of conflicts as a result. The acceptance of being fully Love itself requires a shift in perception, but what is the alternative? How long can one continue to deny its true self? How many more conflicts does it take before one faces its self-existent truth? It is a moral responsibility to embrace one's self as Love for it is only so that one can see that all (everyone) is Love in reality. Accept and Love yourselves for you are fully Love itself.
~ Wald