Self Love is the Creator and that is Godly Indeed.

Was the universe spontaneously created out of nothing? It would thus mean that this nothing is everything, or, that it is at least capable of creating everything. What is this source that spontaneously self-creates? Could we use the God word? We have this perception that the Universe is created by God but is God not Self Love? If we change the name God with Self Love (or Love), we get some fascinating results that are more in line with creation. It seems to me that only Self Love is capable of creating something out of nothing. Nothingness is the overwhelming fullness of Self Love in its unmanifest state prior to metamorphosing to its materialized state. It appears to me that the universe is Self Love's very own grand design of spontaneous creation. Why Self Love? Only Self Love spontaneously creates. Self Love is the elusive theory of everything, except it is not a theory but the existential truth that underwrites existence itself. The truth is self-evident for we are. One is for One is. Self Love precedes the effect; the effect is fully Self Love, this although te effect does not necessarily realize it is. It seems to me that Love-Realization could be the key to Peace. It is realizing that you, as well as everyone else, is basically Love itself. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. So why not claim Self Love as the first cause? Only Self Love is self-birthing. Only Self Love is self-existent. It has to be Self Love in order for it itself to exist. Self-Love is the reality of God for God is Self Love itself. I agree with Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow who argued that the Universe can and will create itself from nothing for they interestingly enough named it 'Spontaneous Creation'. According to them, however: 'It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.' And this is where we get lost in translation. The perception they have about God being God is erroneous. God is not God, God 'is' Self Love; God is Existence: One! Those who claim that God did not create the universe are missing the point. Spontaneous creation is indeed the reason why the universe exists, why we live, why there is something rather than nothing. But to say that the universe created itself from nothing because of the law of gravity is an error of existential proportions. In reality: 1) nothingness is Self Love in its unmanifest state. 2) Life is Self Love in its realized state. There is no creator but Self Love. Creation is a spontaneous act of Self Love, and all that is created is fully Self Love itself. Self Love sustains it all. Self Love spontaneously creates the universe, earth, and life. The creationary process is active and ongoing. Self Love is the existential truth of existence. Self Love is Self-Birthing. Self Love is Self-Existent. Existence is Self Love.
~ Wald Wassermann