Life is the result of Love wanting to be born.

Life is not a dream but the realized dream of Love. Love wanting to be born leads to Life. Love wanting to come back as Life. Love in its unmanifest state wanting to experience Love in its manifest state. Not seeing Life as Love is Self-Denial. The Self is always Love. Seeing Life as an illusion is an illusion by itself for, in reality, Life is Love's realized dream come true. Life results when Love wants to be born. This is who you are, who everyone is, what all is. The perception we have that Life simply happens is wrong. Life is not just Life; it is Pure Love materialized. It's an incredible achievement for Love to materialize itself as Life. See life as the reality of Love in the making. Always forward, even better. Let's thus see ourselves as Love uplifting each other forward as one for we are. Any separation is illusory for Love is always all-inclusive. We are one; this one unity of Love. We, Love, can better Life for we are Love materialized. Change can thus only happen when we realize who we are and what we are capable of. We are Love's materialized action potential for positive change. Do not sit back and wait for God to take action for God is Love in its unmanifest state. We are God-sent to help realize the dream of Love right here on Earth. Earth is, in fact, the realized dream of Heaven. Earth is the true garden of Eden. Not seeing it as such is delusional. Always remember to see all persons as equal for all are not just persons but Love in reality. Life is a superimposition upon Love. Love is the only truth for it allows Life to be. All springs from the same source of all-abundant Love. Love is the first truth for God is not God but Love in reality.
~ Wald Wassermann.