Love is the Self-Existent Truth.

We are Love looking for its self in one another while we fail to recognize we already are Love itself. In order to come together, we first need to come to peace with our self-existent reality. This is the same reality that underwrites all of existence, regardless of how, that what exists, perceives itself. Perceptions are mere superimpositions on the first truth. The truth is that we are literally Love itself. To be is to be Love; to exist is to be Love. Love is Self-Existent. It is you as you are or you would not be. Love is, therefore, not a philosophy or theory but a self-existent truth. To embrace Love is to embrace one's true self. To deny Love is to deny one's true self. Love requires no other proof other than us as we are. One may think it is utter madness to claim Love as Ultimate Reality. But I would like to argue that the non-recognition of Love as the existential truth has been the leading cause for all conflicts. The only way to transcend conflicts is to come to acceptance with whom we are in reality. This will require a big shift in perception but it is a necessary condition to maintain international peace and stability. Not seeing all Life as a manifestation of Love is ultimately the grandest of all illusions; it is the denial of our true selves, it is self-illusory.
~ Wald Wassermann, Love from Cosmos