Spontaneous Creation is Love in action.

Could the universe have spontaneously formed its self from nothing? Not so fast. No-thing is created out of nothing unless that nothing is everything to begin with. That 'everything' must thus be the cause in- and by itself; it is self-causing. What causes its self? The Universe? I know it is Love. Why Love? Only Love can create its self. Love is Self-Causory. Love is the reason for spontaneous creation. The perception that spontaneous creation is the reason why there is something rather than nothing is partially correct for spontaneous creation is Love in action. However, 'there is never nothing'. All there is is one plenum of continuous cyclical transformation going from unmanifest to manifest. This plenum is Love itself; it is 'Self-Love' for it self-birthing. Only Love can do this. Only Love can bring something forward out of its self. Love is not a cosmological argument but it is self-existential realism. Love is why the universe exists, why earth exists, why we exist. The universe, earth, and life are fully Love itself; all at different stages of Love-realization. Ask any scientist for irrevocable proof that Love can be ruled out as the Modus Operandi and see what they can come up with. I wouldn't hold my breath for it.
~ Wald Wassermann