Self-Love Collapses the Quantum Wave Function.

Self Love collapses the Quantum Wave Function. Yes, it is true but please note that this scientific language is an abstraction of thought; it can, however, guide us to our own Self-evident truth. In reality, the following is equally true: We are Self-Collapsing our Selves into Beingness with the Self being That what Loves its Self. Existence is itself proof that we (the collective consciousness) loves its Self. Without Self-Love, there would be no existence. Existence exists out of Self Love. We exist for we Love ourselves. Self-Love equates to existence itself. In other words; 'We are Self-Love itself experiencing Self-existency (our own Self-caused existency called Life)'. In conclusion: 'Self Love Collapses its Self into Beingness.' It is You Love; Self-Love is You! Such is the truth.
~ Wald Wassermann