The Collective Consciousness Collapses the Quantum Wave Function: "Eigenkollaps".

What everyone knows - and what quantum mechanics already describes - is that wave function collapse occurs when a wave function appears to reduce to a single eigenstate due to an observation. The question as to what exactly causes quantum wave function collapse has remained unsolved. Many ideas have been presented including the DeBroglie-Bohm and Quantum Field theories. I would like to propose an alternative - the simplest possible and most logical explanation - on the nature of the collapse of the wave function. It almost seems certain to me that the eigenstate is the selfstate: the self collapsing quantum wave function is itself (selfborn). This Self is the collective expanding consciousness that exists since (its own) inception. The collective (cosmic) consciousness is the (unmanifest) observer of itself, therefore, resulting in it collapsing as its own manifest self (metamorphosing from unmanifest into manifest). I.e., the collective consciousness collapses the quantum wave function thus resulting in itself existing as that what we know as existence (its own existence). The Self observing itself results in the reality of itself; its own manifestation, its own materialization. In other words; the collective consciousness observing itself results in its realized (materialized) self: the universe, earth, life et Al. It is the collective consciousness that creates its own reality.  As a scientist I'd call it the 'Eigenkollaps' or 'Eigencollapse' in English after the Eigenstate (the state of Self or the Selfstate); the quantum-mechanical state corresponding to an eigenvalue of a wave equation. But this would be foolishness for there is only Oneself creating itself in reality out of the need for Love; no collapse, only creation. There is actually in reality no need to call it quantum-anything.  You see, Oneself is so very happy, it just wants to create itself. This is what all is in reality; Oneself birthing itself as I have previously explained. It is therefore so very important to understand that 'the collective consciousness is Oneself'. Don't do unto others...*. We stand to inherit the earth from our children (our Self). See thus all Life as Love, see thus all Life as Self. That is all really. Love, simply Love.
~ Wald Wassermann