The Origin of Life is Non-Biological: the Self is Love.

Make no mistake. The origin of life is completely non-biological in nature. 'That' what gives birth to itself is itself; it is inherently non-biological. The answers as to what exactly is 'That' is quite simple really. Love, the desire to love and to be loved, gave (gives) birth to life. Life was born out of its own desire to love and to be loved in return. This desire continues to birth itself. What is the definition of life after all? Is it not a self-limiting abstraction to state that the origin of life came from either living or non-living matter? What then created matter? What created RNA? Forget about chemical compounds; in fact, forget about all these illusory separations of existence. All of these words are divisional delusions caused by the non acceptance or unknowing of one's Self. Life is quite literally Love experiencing its Self. Love is what all is. Pure Love made manifest. Love is the Origin of itself; the Self is Love itself. Love is the reality of its own existency. The Self is Love. Thou Art That. That (what) is Love.
~ Wald