That Which Is Eternally Is.

The proof of eternal life is simple. Before I start I want you to understand that that what you know as existence/god is one(self) without a second; I repeat one(self). What it means is that all the many are all one(self) and that one(self) experiences itself (as that what we erroneously perceive) as all the many. We see ourselves as individuals separate from each other but this is a fallacy; all there is is one(self)/god, yes, even on the physical plane that is earth. Separateness is a learned illusion. All is not only interconnected; all is one(self)/god. There never was, never is, nor never will be any separation. Now for the proof of the eternal life we must first understand that life is just a word that we have created to describe ourselves. Life is not life but self; it is self physically experiencing itself that calls itself life. In other words: life is first and foremost self; self itself always is. Remember that. Another way to explain it is by the following: 'That which is always is for it cannot not be', i.e., 'That which is always is regardless as to its state of manifestation, be it material or immaterial.' Now, it would be tempting to replace the word 'material' in the previous sentence with 'life' but this would be an abstraction, an error of sorts for as I have previously stated, 'life is not just life, it is self experiencing itself as life' with life just being the physical manifestation of self.  What it means is that 'self itself always' is regardless as to its state of manifestation. To use quantum mechanics terminology; 'consciousness always is for consciousness itself is; consciousness itself exists', i.e, 'consciousness experiences itself regardless as to its state of manifestation'. To use theological terminology; 'god always if for god itself always is', i.e., 'god experience itself regardless as to its state of manifestation'. The problem is that we see god as external (as we have been taught this way) whereas god itself is (is-ness is god), in other words, god is oneself; this one undivided whole. There is thus essentially no resurrection for self itself always is regardless as to its state of manifestation. The individual self is, in reality, the collective self or better, (the) oneself aka god. In conclusion: 'that which is eternally is.' Note: I purposely refrained from capitalizing the words self/oneself/god/consciousness to keep it simple and clear.
~ Wald Wassermann