Diversity is a Blessing.

Self is One without a second. Oneself Is. Division there is none. What it means is that Oneself is without division. Divison does not exist. Existence is unified yet diversified. Diversity exists, division does not. The cause why diversity exists is loneliness and the reason (motivation or need) is companionship. Companionship equates to Love, Warmth and Togeherness. Togetherness is someone to be with, no to be alone. It can only be experienced through diversity. Without diversity, there would be loneliness. Loneliness Onself seeks to avoid. Hence diversity. It is why it is correct to note that the meaning or purpose of Life is Love. Love is the first commandment indeed. Love out of knowing there is only Oneself existing as all this wonderful diversity simply to experience companionship, to escape aloneness. The meaning of life is love. It is the truth.
~ Wald