God does not want to be found for good reason.

Self-Manifestation is Oneself's/God's Purpose. I don't know how I came up with this. It is perhaps not related to the following. God is a genius. I agree. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Then again; what is God? A-ha! It is this One undivided Self that it (it)Self is! My God man indeed for as I have said before 'All is God' and therein lies the essence of beingness. This One undivided Self is Oneself aka all that is as One for it is, or more simplified, God is all of us as one for we are.  God plays hide and seek with itself equates to Oneself plays hide and seek with itself. God does not want to be found for it would realize it is by itself again/single/alone! Let me explain. We as individuals all have an ego. We magically believe we are separate from each other although this is illusory. As such; it appears to be fashionable to bash the ego. But does the ego not serve a purpose? Of course it does. We, the collective, Oneself/God, have self-engineered the ego for a very good reason. The purpose of the ego is to ensure that Oneself/God can manifest itself, and veil/mask itself, its own manifestations, so it itself would not experience aloneness, i.e., to have companionship. Just as a reminder: Oneself is us as one for we are. Oneself/God is very clever you see which is perhaps why it is called the Superego. It deludes itself, that is to say, its own constituents, manifestations, whatever, into believing there is otherness, separateness for the sole purpose to love and be loved. What it means in theological terms is that God does not want to be found for it would experience aloneness again. And that cannot happen ever again. Oneself/God has been there and no way that's ever going to happen again. As such, I tip my Top Hat, to my Superego for I concur, I do love company indeed. Although all the above is highly likely to be correct, it should be classified as fiction, well, on second thought, reality. It only serves to remind us that we are here to love one another; not to fight! Love is Oneself's/God's/One's very own purpose!
~ Wald Wassermann