Life is Self experiencing itself.

Ultimately there is nothing to believe for (one) self itself (already) is and always has been. It is only self being ignorant of knowing it itself 'is' that results in almost all if not all of self-caused anxiety in this world. Self's refusal to see itself as itself causes discord. Unfortunately, this is not easily resolved. As I have previously stated, ignorance is self-created for a very good purpose. The purpose is to (physically) experience/feel itself, to be more precise, to (physically) experience itself at its ost blissfulness state. To experience love. To reach the most high. What it means is that life is self experiencing itself for the sole purpose to physically feel itself. No, the purpose is not to fight, neither to cause suffering, the only purpose is to be joyful, to have company, to experience joy as I've said.
~ Wald Wassermann