Oneself experiences itself as the universe (not the other way around).

I realize that there is this 'we are the universe experiencing itself' quote going around which is perfectly fine although it points divinity away from itself. It is an intermediate step to self-realization although by no means the final step. True self-realization is realizing Oneselfness (as in one self without any separation whatsoever). Is it the truth? Yes; of course it is for we are; are we not? Now to continue: Self-realization is realizing self itself is, i.e. self itself eternally is; it is the realization of that which is is the real you that birthed itself into-, and experiences itself as, its own physical beingness. The microcosm and the macrocosm are oneself. Not sure why I said that. Intermezzo perhaps. That what is called the self, is, in reality, oneself, as in one undivided self. There is no 'the' self as in divinity pointing to a separate part of itself, or, divinity pointing towards something external; all there is is divinity itself; one self (irrespective of its appearance). The self is itself; Oneself. In other words; that which is self is oneself without separation whatsoever. Oneself experiences itself as the universe, earth, life, man, woman, et al. Oneself always is. Self (the individual) is reality oneself. It is oneself who we really are. It is very difficult to comprehend this which is why oneself is called G-d. G-d, however, is not external; God is Oneself; it is all of us as one for we are. None of the above really matters if it were not for the following: 1) conflicts are outmoded; all there is is Oneself, there never were any others. Otherness is a fallacy; it never existed so simply forget about it.  The illusion of separation on the manifest plane serves for the purpose of love and love alone 2) although the purpose of Oneself is to experience itself as life through all of us as one (life is to be celebrated; not to be negated); it should also be known that that which life really is is Oneself and, therefore eternal and deathless. Again, please feel free to replace the word oneself with G-d if it makes you feel more comfortable. All there is is Oneself simply equates to all there is is God with the only difference being divinity fully realizing and embracing itself as itself.
~ Wald Wassermann