Oneself itself eternally is.

Is it correct that Love never dies? Yes, it is correct. In order to understand, we must first come to understand that 'that which is, is Oneself". Oneself experiences itself and separation there is none.  All there is, is Oneself. Oneself itself eternally is.  Oneself experiences itself as the sum total of its parts. The parts are not separate, they are all Oneself. Division is a fallacy, division never existed. That which is, is Oneself. Oneself always is. There is no competition, all there is is Oneself experiencing itself as mutually enforcing elements for the sole purpose of love, warmth, togetherness. Yes, companionship indeed is what drives Oneself. It is the ignorant fool who goes to war against his self because he does not realize there is only One Self! There is only one vibration among all nations, this one sensation, it is love reverberation.
~ Wald Wassermann