That Which Is Eternally Is.

God is Oneself; Oneself itself is. What it means is that that which is transcends its own manifestation/densification, i.e., that which is transcends its own physicality; its own manifest existency with this manifest existency being that what it itself calls Life. In other words: Life is Oneself- or One's true self physically experiencing itself. Oneself itself always is. In layman's terms: that which is eternally is, or, that which is deathless is. We always are with 'we' being 'Oneself' aka this One Undivided Self that is more commonly known as God. The statements that God itself is, or that, God itself always is are thus equally valid. In short: the real you lives forever (you as life are real too of course but exist for it is underwritten by the real you).
~ Wald