The Case for (Spiritual) Materialism.

The origin of the universe is completely understood and is called Self. I will refrain from calling it energy, electromagnetic radiation, the big bang et al for the simple reason that these are labels; hence simply 'Self'. Self tries to compartmentalize that which is uncompartmentalizable; itself. There's nothing wrong with compartmentalization and linear thinking however for it exists so self can ground itself. In fact; it almost seems certain to me that this is the very purpose of Self from the moment it conceptualized itself.  Self wants to ground itself, to manifest itself, to materialize itself. As such, I am all in favor of abstractions such as energy, matter, time and space for they accomplish this very purpose. What it means is that our true Self is not the reluctant materialist we believe it to be. In fact; it almost seems certain to me that self tries to manifest/materialize itself in order to physically experience itself and this for one reason alone: Love. The case for spiritual materialism is thus not a case for duality for duality is and always has been a fallacy. All there is is Oneself experiencing itself for the purpose of Love and Love alone and that is G-d. Spirit matter (it)Self is.
~ Wald Wassermann