The First Principle of Self is Love.

Existential certitude is the state of knowing that something is true because it is self-evident. It must be said that humanity has a tendency to make everything needlessly complex while overlooking the most obvious self-evident truth: itself. What it means is that existence is first and foremost a matter of the heart; not the mind. It is correct to note that consciousness conceives itself (and that consciousness is just another name for God). The answer to the question as to why is simply love. The first principle of consciousness is love, that is to say that consciousness desires love leading it to physically conceive/birth itself. The need to love and be loved is self. In other words, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, it is the need or desire for love that conceives itself (and that it itself is), i.e, the desire to love and be loved is that which self-exists as existence. I dedicate the above to Henry Roulleaux-Dugage who, in 1909, published a rather important (yet ignored) book titled 'Théorie des principes de l'Absolu'.
~ Wald Wassermann