There is no separation in God; all this is God.

All there ever was, is or will be is Oneself; this One undivided Self itself 'is'; Oneself self-exists. All these questions about the origin of life or the origin- and evolution of the genetic code stem from Self being ignorant of itself. It is like the forgotten Bulgarian story of the Rose that fell in love with its own scent and desperately started seeking the origin of its very own scent outside itself this while there never was anything but itself. So it goes with Oneself, which is searching for itself beyond itself this while there is nothing but itself. Oneself upholds itself and deludes itself into thinking there is anything but itself. The truth, however, is that all is Oneself without separation; there is no separation in God. The need to love and be loved simply results in Oneself's perpetual self-manifestation. None of the above is essential, were it not for the realization of our common shared purpose; compassion, companionship, kindness, goodness, love, generosity, patience, and so on. Whenever we lose sight of these; we caused discord to ourselves. All is always God equates to all is always Oneself. We must love each other for there is in truth no other; all there is is this One inseparable Self: we as One for we are.
~ Wald Wassermann